Windsor – Scenic elegance and innocence

These days Windsor is as much covered in snow as London and the rest of the UK is. So the reason why these photos look quite bright and sunny is not that I spent hours in front on Photoshop, but that they were taken a few days before Christmas.  Boo. I think you can literally still see the cold and crispy air, can’t you? When the sun is involved, it’s always a good kind of freezing, don’t you think?

So these photos are taken around the High Street and the Coach Park river area. It’s such a royal and special little town that seems to have abandoned all subculture or rebellious youth. You would hardly find any graffiti, dubious night clubs or even alternative gigs in Windsor. But given that London is only a 30-minute ride away, this condition is something to be carefully guarded…
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2 responses to Windsor – Scenic elegance and innocence

    • Caroline – Author

      Very true! I’ve never been to Eton which is a shame, definitely have to do it next time! Thanks for sharing : )

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