An unexpected trip to Southern France (in Central London)

How often did it happen to you that you took a casual Sunday stroll through your city, aiming to find something that you haven’t noticed before? Right, if you’re a little bit like me, that happens quite frequently. What doesn’t happen quite so often is that you suddenly stand before a scene that you usually associate with another country.

When I saw the both luxurious and rustic sailing boats in St. Katherine Docks, just across the street from Tower Hill, I couldn’t believe that such a little oasis of peace really is part of London and not of St. Tropez, which I reckon does also get a little greyish in winter.

So after having encountered a few sleepy boat owners who just had a brunch in the chilly morning sun, some families taking their weekly walk or the odd tourist with a heavy camera, it drew me back to to the area around London Bridge and the like. That was when swarms of drunk santas were singing, dancing and invading the city that suddenly didn’t quite feel like a remote French seaside town at all anymore. Oops…1_effected 2_effected 3_effected 5_effected 6_effected 7_effected 9_effected 11_effected10_effected

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