Playing Early Bird in Windsor

You know what they say: You get the best shots either shortly after sunrise or before sunset. When I spent two weeks in Windsor in December, I surprisingly got out of bed before the office day properly started, grabbed my camera and sleepily strolled through the town’s parks and riversides to catch the frost.

There’s a certain magic about being alone with grey trees and shouting birds when usually all you’re surrounded by is the charming traffic noise in those all too familiar London streets. I then quickly figured that what felt like a self-imposed torture at first was in fact a perfectly timed promenade, which also led to an extension of my 2013 resolutions chart: Getting up earlier because mornings are beautiful…

The photos below were taken near the Home Park on the side of the Windsor and Eton Riverside rail station and near the Alexandra Park. A few days after, the landscape was sun-bathing again, fountains stopped being broken and people were smiling again – so stay tuned, I never left the camera at home…











9 responses to Playing Early Bird in Windsor

  1. These are fantastic, Caroline. I can feel the cold and practically see my breath in the air in these shots! Props to you for getting up that early. 🙂

    • Caroline – Author

      Thank you so much Meghan! That comment alone made it all worth it 🙂 Your profile picture is beautiful by the way!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful. I love the seasons, and observing their change. So happy to have stumbled into your site (via my best friend Meghan Johnson), and looking forward to taking in all of its beauty.

    • Caroline – Author

      Aw, thank you Roxanne, that is MUCH appreciated! I think that you two are amazing, I had a flick through your travel adventures… That reads and looks like a dream, can’t wait to read more either. : )

    • Caroline – Author

      These adjectives sound like heaven, thank you! It’s a shame that mornings are often so inconvenient, especially in winter. I suppose we would appreciate nature and possibly even life more if we’d dare to discover it in the early hours…

    • Caroline – Author

      Thank youuu! We seem to have a similar taste in cold and wintery countryside, haha : ) x

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