Winter strolls through Nunhead Cemetery

Happy Christmas everyone! While I know you’re very busy unwrapping gifts and eating delicious home-made cookies, I still have a couple of snaps to show you as the last few days and weeks left me little to no time to blog. (Sorry about that…) A few weeks ago I met my beautiful friend Megan in Nunhead – South-East London – where she showed me around its famous cemetery and the attached park.

Luckily my camera accompanied this first discovery. It was a cold and charming morning in December and we were lucky enough to meet more cute dogs and pretty flowers than humans, hence we were completely free to play around with both the sun and fog.

Megan is a literature student in London and plans to go to Africa after her graduation to have a humanitarian impact on a local community there. She’s also one of the most inspiring and encouraging people I’ve ever met and looks pretty cool on photos, too…_DSC4379 _DSC4476 _DSC4620 254_effected 1_effected 2 2_effected 2 3_effected8_effected2_effected 4_effected 5_effected 6_effected 7_effected 

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