On the way only the winter sun can flirt with churchyards

As I’ve warned you before, I did some extensive wandering around Islington/Angel last weekend. While on the bus heading towards central, I spotted St. Mary’s Church which is located between Highbury Corner and Upper Street. There must admittedly be around a hundred churches that are called St. Mary’s but this one is most unique, honestly!

I was hooked by the peace that surrounded it and therefore traded the warmth of a cosy red bus for a frozen and sleepy Saturday morning version of London. I then saw a tiny walk that led to a small churchyard and went all crazy about how beautifully the sun lit the winter grass. There were a few lonely passengers with their dogs but other than that, St. Mary’s is one of those tiny green islands that are responsible for a bit of small town feel in the midst of Europe‘s biggest city.

It’s a parish church that belongs to the Church of England and was probably built in the 12th century. There are daily services and prayer meetings, in case you feel like joining…


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