Camden Passage

Have you ever been annoyed by the dull and boring set of furniture in your room? If you live in London and if you’re used to moving house a few times a year, you probably have. The problem with this is that furniture shopping can easily set you back a few hundred bucks and if we’re honest, it’s not the most essential item on our obligatory To Buy list. When I moved again a couple of days ago, I did need a few pieces but due to an ungracious student budget, I couldn’t go for the unique antique bed or the beautifully crafted wardrobe that I wished for. That of course didn’t stop me from having a decent look around the city

What could be better for some individual small finds than Camden Passage in Islington, which is only a two-minute walk from Angel tube station!? Valued for its vintage boutiques and weekend market, it regularly attracts a comfortable amount of people who do not only love to have a chat over some silly Christmas accessories, but who are set up to indulge in a local selection of bread, cheese, tea and the like.

Also, if you’re a devoted hot-chocolate person, do check out the lovely retro café Milky Way. Topped with a handful of marshmallows, this drink will be the sweetest and prettiest you ever had! Although I’ve passed the passage a few times before, I never paid attention to the degree of its small treasures that are hidden away between piles of… beautiful nonsense. But Camden Passage is not the only area in Angel that’s noteworthy, I’ve discovered a few more spots while slowly getting over the fact that an antique white palace bed will not be mine until these student years are far gone…1_effected2_effected3_effected5_effected6_effected4_effected7_effected9_effected10_effected14_effected13_effected16_effected12_effected15_effected18_effected19_effected20_effected21_effected23_effected22_effected24_effected25_effected26_effected

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