Soho Nights

Soho is not exactly regarded as London‘s most beautiful area, yet it might arguably be among its most vibrant, most fascinating and most eccentric spots. In the past weeks I’ve found myself spend a huge amount of time on these cobbled streets between Marylebone and Mayfair, during both day and night time.

Have a look at the crazy range of people who queue before numerous clubs and bars, at the skateboarder who jumps away from an approaching car just in time and at the woman who stares out of a pub’s window. What might she have been thinking!? To me, Soho is hugely fascinating and dramatic at the same time. It’s full of tragedy, full of joy and full of a buzzing energy – especially from Thursdays to Sundays. Therefore, these photos are supposed to be a tad more documentary than aesthetically beautiful.

On that note, I have two little recommendations for you: During the day, check Café Flat White on Berwick Street out if you fancy a quiet read as well as amazing (!) coffee and go to 12 Bar Club on Denmark Street if you feel like an evening full of unforgettable music…

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