Folky Shadow Plays

Sometimes when taking photographs during events or concerts, I find myself forced to become a little creative (not to be mistaken with lazy!) in order to not get stuck in front of Photoshop curves for a day or two. Yes, that might have been a minor exaggeration.

Hence I’ve put together a little black and white series on which you won’t be able to identify too many faces – let alone the bunch of violins, flutes and guitars – and more vague forms that will inspire your imagination in the best case. … Or you might just get annoyed by the rather unfortunate lightning, who knows!?

However, that’s enough from the semi-serious photography talk department… Last week I had the pleasure to visit The Queen’s Head in Angel for a session of the newly launched Folk Room Records. The label does a showcase of three acts each Wednesday to show our beautiful city a decent range of up and coming folk talents. As opposed to what the name would suggest, the pub is refreshingly modern and has a minimalistic yet very elegant interior.

The beautiful people on stage were Lucy Cait, Indigo Earth (from whom you will surely read a little more in the near future on this space) and Herons. I’d love to see some of you there on one of the next Wednesdays as it surely wasn’t my last time!

Folk Room Records / Every Wednesday / The Queen’s Head / 66 Acton Street / London WC1X 9NB / Free Entry

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