Story Wednesday: The worst photo I’ve ever taken

Every Wednesday I’m digging in my shoebox of blurry photographs or flick through digital libraries in search for an exceptional story that’s not yet received the attention it deserves. Story Wednesday aims to inspire your search for the kind of unique moments that can make our daily routines so exciting. Strive for them, have a close look at what’s surrounding you, otherwise you may not see that child’s smile in the train, a strikingly interesting magazine article or a charming stranger in your favorite café. It’s worth it!

The photo above has the potential to be the blurriest and least professional I’ve taken so far, yet it brings back the most sharp and colorful memories. I took it with shaky and hugely excited hands after a two-hour walk through the kind of dark forest that deserves to be called another Black Forest. We were somewhere in the Netherlands, between Amsterdam and the North Sea, at the start of a chaotic camping trip. I even forgot the name of the town where we stranded in the end, maybe it didn’t even have a name.

A few hours before, two lovely friends of mine and me hopped on a big grey van (that was very challenging to drive) to the sea and when we arrived, it was already dark. We were however determined to find the sea before going to bed, which was an uncomfortable blow-up mattress in a tent whose shape made every passenger burst into laughter. YOLO.

So, having professionally used our phones as torches and cheap sparkling wine to prevent us from screaming from the forest’s voices, we were suddenly standing on top of this hill. Exhausted from the long car journey and the following run, hungry and very happy. It was the last summer we spent together and there was one thing that united us more than anything else: The big question mark behind every sentence that contained the word future.

Seeing the sparkly ocean ahead of us not made all the struggle of the last months disappear but also gave us a broader perspective again and sometimes that’s all we need. Oh how I would be up to trading my library books for a bit of seaside air now…


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