My phone tells stories: Notting Hill mornings and museum afternoons

Of course, the ideal day of having a morning walk through Notting Hill with a cup of coffee in your left and a phone in your right hand followed by an extensive visit to several museums is not a very regular one. That is good because every activity gets boring after we got used to it and bad as these days are still exceptionally awesome and rare!

So while settling back into my London life, I’ve been busy studying and writing right from the beginning but that’s the way it should be! Other than that, there’ve been walks through Hampstead Village, Oxfordshire and Central London. I’ve checkout out Somerset House, the British Museum, the Photographer’s Gallery as well as a fancy bookshop. You’ll also see a snap from the Lord Mayor’s Road Show last Saturday which looks as if I’ve stolen an analog black and white photo from my Grandpa’s photo album. I love when London feels stuck in time sometimes.

But any Instagram diary would of course not be real without a whole collection of good-looking food. I had some pumpkin soup, a chicken burger that was very healthy thanks to a small leaf of salad on its top, a vanilla cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery, homemade pancakes and a beautiful red velvet cake from a Brick Lane café (which I didn’t eat for once…)

There’s also a huge pot of frozen yoghurt with heart-shaped chocolate sprinkles, strawberries and raspberries. I’ve been given this by a stranger during a shift – just… randomly. He might have seen my slightly tired eyes and thought Oh well, she could deal with a surprise! Wow. That made my day! It tasted like heaven although I’m usually not a huge fan of frozen yoghurt! (It’s just not quite sweet enough, you know?)

Obviously there’s been a lot more phone photography, so why don’t you have a look at my recently launched Instagram profile or check out other My phone tells stories entries!?

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