Story Wednesday: Slow dancing on Alexanderplatz

Today I’m kicking off a new column called Story Wednesday. As you might sharply realize, that is aiming at my blog’s title, telling stories. Although the photographs on here do hopefully speak for themselves, I’ve felt that I should do a bit more of story telling myself, while taking photos into account, obviously.

The first few photos developed on Alexanderplatz, Berlin. It was one of those rare sunny days in early August when I just finished work and went to the U-Bahn (probably to meet a friend over burgers and fries!) But as it luckily happens in metropolitans, you get distracted oh so easily! This time it was a singer songwriter that I had spotted in the area a couple of times. His voice was attractive and his character quite charming, but he mainly covered foolish pop songs and I suppose no one would describe him as a groundbreaking legend.

So. I still stood still for a few moments as he started playing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, which might well be my all-time favorite. Before I could close my eyes to dream a little, I suddenly spotted a blond woman and a builder entering the circle  around the musician that had been absolutely empty. What would they do? Well, as you can see, they were beginning to dance slowly and very passionately. People started whispering – after all, it was 4pm and they by far weren’t professional dancers -, some even made fun of them but the couple just laughed and kissed it off.

Well, that might have been an amusing story by itself. However, after the song was over and the guy started playing Wonderwall by Oasis, (the ultimate teenage faux-pas choice) my attention got directed back to the couple who I expected to walk off together. But instead, the builder took on his hand barrow, the woman grabbed her friend’s hand (that was loaded with shopping bags) and there they went in opposite directions.

So – what does that mean? I reckon they must have coincidentally met. Maybe the man asked the woman randomly whether she’d fancy a dance? They then spent the most unconventional five minutes and kept on living their lives afterwards?! Whatever reasons this had, it certainly made me smile. So those efficient Germans can apparently be spontaneous and even a little reckless!? What a nice story to share over a greasy cheeseburger!

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