An excerpt from a few colorful London nights

I must admit that after our clock hands have passed a certain time, London’s streets feel a little dead, regardless of whether it’s a week day’s or a Friday night. However, the part that luckily is alive until the early morning hours certainly makes up for the lack of energy outside. Get inspired by some of my fave places or jot yours down in the comment box!

A fun night in Hoxton can start with a few cocktails at The Breakfast Club, some lounging in its huge sofas and some deep conversation while you can still hear each other’s voice. That’s a gift and should be appreciated at all times! For a bit of action, head a few streets down to Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, where people  will dance to everything, just join in! They also regularly host amazing gig nights with gorgeous finger food and a very diverse and trendy audience. This time it was Me and My Drummer who do sound a lot like good old Florence, just a tad more raw and experimental.

If you’re up to giving your night a cultural and sophisticated direction, jump in the tube for marvelling at South Kensington’s beautiful Christmas decor. The Victoria and Albert Museum’s free Friday Late nights are traditionally on the last Friday of every month. Of course, October’s party was halloween themed. Although the choice of DJs and costumes was questionable (but that might just be me not being a huge spook enthusiast), it simply must be great fun to have a pre-midnight wander through all collections with a glass of white wine in your hand! Can I see any of you thinking of Ben Stiller and the rest of his Hollywood crew now? Good people! Back to the V&A, I even spotted a painting of a castle (Eltz Castle near the Mosel river in Germany) from my tiniest village in the universe this time hometown, what a nice surprise!

As you probably know from Instagram, my heart mainly beats for burgers. And yes, after even TimeOut I’m a bit late to finally have tried out MeatLiquor in Marylebone, but who cares, their burger compositions are pretty much the finest thing on this planet! It also has a stunning interior. As they don’t do reservations, either get prepared for hours of standing in the queue or do it the smart way and pop in at about 11pm to kick off (or end) your well-deserved night out!

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