This world needs more nostalgic candies (and Obama for a second term)

Having discovered the charming and slightly edgy side to Oxford in Jericho, the part of town that’s more traditional but by no means less exciting remains yet to be exposed in another short series.

Have a virtual look around Carfax Tower, at the inside of a cosy pub that’s just off the High Street and still feels like a magical hideaway and at a number of pretty window displays. My favorite one though was Mr. Simms Sweetshop. It has a countless number of creatively colored candy that may taste like strawberry or caramel but mainly keeps the irresistible flavor of nostalgia. I can’t think of any London equivalent: All these tiny Covent Garden shops are cute and its sweets maybe equally delicious but they lack all the Oxford charm. (I can see now what PR and fashion people mean when they talk about the power of visual merchandising!)

But it wasn’t only Jericho, some countryside walk and sweets that Saturday a few weeks back (as if that wouldn’t have made us happy enough), but it also happened to be Graduation Day, horray! The city centre was filled with proud graduates in impressive robes and even prouder family members who were posing and snapping through the whole afternoon. Well, we all know I would be exactly the same.

Last but not least: Dear American readers, you know what to do! Don’t disappoint me as it – thanks to an extensive and dramatic media coverage – still appears to be a close race. (Which is probably and hopefully far from the truth.) I myself will head down to a pub now and wave the Obama flag. I know the majority of London will do the same, metaphorically speaking, but unfortunately the race is not up to us unimportant Europeans.

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