Jericho – Some leafy proof that not all of Oxford consists of university buildings

I did it again. I went to Oxford. In a moment of pure desperation (no end at a tunnel plastered with essays and articles), I knew it would have to be Oxford to clear my thoughts again. Obviously that’s been an extremely cheap excuse and if anyone told me this story, I would have been like “Just sit down anywhere and write, stupid!” Well, that didn’t work so well.

So after hanging out in a pub reading for half of the day, the other couple of hours were well spent taking the walks again that feel as if I’ve taken them a hundred times. These did not only lead through an amazing old-fashioned sweets shop and the leafy bits near the canal but through Jericho.

Jericho is my favorite part of town. It’s so fascinating because although it’s in the heart of all the university press – old buildings – history – hype, it still sort of developed its own charme. One that bursts with flowers and leaves, with old and maybe even run-down houses (These are times when I miss Berlin), little independent cafés with crowds of students studying in them (Guess who quickly became one of them!) and a local flair that you wouldn’t really get elsewhere in Oxford.

5 responses to Jericho – Some leafy proof that not all of Oxford consists of university buildings

    • Caroline – Author

      Thanks so much Lydia! I’m glad you mention the colours as I found them a little too dark… It wasn’t exactly the sunniest of days ; ) x

  1. I lived on Mount Street in my second year at Manchester College. Boy did this bring me back there. Back then there weren’t any trendy shops or cafes. 1990!
    Thank you!

    • Caroline – Author

      Really!? I love the internet! It must be fascinating to see a city change so much over the years. I hope you still had a pleasant university experience despite the lack of fancy cafes! : )

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