On Cake, Fashion and how these two come together

Usually, cake is not something you’d immediately link to fashion, is it? Let Them Eat Cake is not only a fancy online fashion magazine, but has also been the title of a panel discussion in Shoreditch. “Can Fashion media still make money?” – a question that’s been posed to a room full of fashion bloggers and Shoreditch hipsters in the framework of the ün-establishment pop-up space.

Panellists included Steve Salter, Isabelle O’Carroll and Jo Tulej – names which might sound familiar to those of you who call themselves fashionistas. I found the discussion itself interesting but not very progressive as it too often got stuck in the question “What does your blog have to look like in order for it to make money?” I expected a more serious debate on principles, e.g. what measures editors could to take in order to maintain a strong and successful hard copy of their publication.

It was however a very pleasant night! That was partly because the sponsor Kopparberg was extremely generous in taking care of all guests with bottles and bottles of cidre; partly because the final cake was nothing less than gorgeous and partly because it was in Shoreditch and therefore had a very interesting and hipsteresque audience. But be warned – you might want to get yourself some tea and a slice of cake before looking at the photos!

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