The yummy side to Portobello Market

One of the nicest things about living in one of the most vibrant cities is that you are able to watch how seasons come and go and how they change some of your favourite places. The last time I had a relaxed Saturday walk through Portobello Market was in February or March, accompanied by the cold winter air. This time was not necessarily warmer, but the sun decided to give the euphoric, mainly touristy crowd some pleasant autumn hours while vintage hunting.

An aspect which I’ve completely ignored before was the great food that’s sold on Portobello Road. Usually I’ve concentrated on necklaces, books and other secondhand lark. This time, it was mainly piles of fresh bread, dozens of imported cheese and the most beautiful tartes and cakes that caught my eye. Oh, how happy the camera was! So I guess it’s true what they say – no matter how many times you return to a city or a particular area, there’s always the opportunity to discover a hidden treasure that makes you realize that supposedly well-known London might not be so well-known after all. Don’t get me wrong, that’s an entirely positive thing, as I would otherwise quickly run out of topics to blog about…

One response to The yummy side to Portobello Market

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