45 minutes in Richmond

England is not the sunniest of all places right now, but it was for a couple of hours last weekend. Before I headed to an appointment I was desperate to catch some countryside flair in Richmond. By the time I got there I realized I only had less than an hour to take a quick walk round to the river and the old part of town, so it ended up being some kind of extremely rushed photo jogging session. (Let’s forget about the part where I  got back to Central London an hour too early – my phone was still on German time so all the rush was useless!)

So, Richmond is technically not part of London anymore part I still think you have to check it out at least once however short the trip, because it’s so very peaceful and pretty. There’s nothing like having a burger at the pub right next to the river Thames (I didn’t get to do it this time obviously…) and then strolling towards parks and charming old houses. The old part of town is immensely unique – you’d find more little boutiques and independent shops than on all high streets in London added together. Not sure whether that’s true, but the density of them in Richmond is just baffling!

2 responses to 45 minutes in Richmond

  1. Angela Betker

    Hey sweety! I love your pictures! They give me an email admin break and remind me of the beautiful things in life everytime I get your newsletter…..keep going for it! xxx Vermissen dich hier..komm bald mal wieder vorbei!xx

    • Caroline – Author

      Aw that made me smile lovely lady! I’m glad you enjoy them : ) Life IS beautiful, it’s just awefully busy sometimes… But you’re awesome and I want to come back asap. xxx

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