A not-so-regular Hackney night

The fascinating part about night itself is that a tiny bit of light makes things way more interesting than utter darkness would be otherwise. Light gives us a slight idea of what holds a city together or what makes it fall apart. When I went to Shoreditch last week, it was initially to see a gig and to have burgers (What else?!), however we ended up on a massive rooftop that gave us an even more massive view over London.

Netil House is a new space that’s used by photographers, designers and other creatives who regularly host special events for the public. This time it turned out to be a supper night lit by candles and some far away skyscraper lights… The view was absolutely stunning, but have a look yourself! Good luck with identifying houses and people, I’m well aware that these might be the darkest pictures I’ve taken in a while.

6 responses to A not-so-regular Hackney night

  1. I totally agree. Night makes the city come alive! Shanghai is transformed as the sun sets and the neon lights on everything burst out in colors!

    • Caroline – Author

      Whoa. That description just makes me want to have a film screening on one of the highest roofs in Shanhai tonight. But I guess London’s not too bad either. Enjoy further colourful nights out there : )

      • My old apartment building was 28 stories and had a roof to hold a film screening (if you picked the lock). That woulda been a great place with a sick view! But I agree, London works quite well too!

      • Caroline – Author

        That is incredible! You must have felt like an absolute boss living up there ; )

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