My phone tells stories: A colourful summer in Berlin

I admit that there are worse problems than not being able to chose the best from around 200 Instagram snaps that I’ve taken during my summer in Berlin – as it shows that there has been plenty of good stuff happening!

I also admit that I didn’t seem to have done an awful lot apart from eating and taking photos of that food. So have a look at childish ice cream toppings, delicious burgers, midnight waffles topped with cookie ice cream, hot chocolate in Hamburg, Berlin’s best coffee, Kaiserschmarrn (a traditional Austrian dish), sushi, some more ice cream and around two large boxes of goodbye donuts for the office. Cheers! (I should think about changing my eating habits indeed, thank you.)

Other fun snaps involve a little house in the countryside where a part of my family celebrated my cousin’s entry into secondary school, night views over Berlin from Warschauerbrücke, a visit to Reichstagskuppel, lovely faces everywhere, the most beautiful ballett I’ve seen at the Schillertheater and a train that’s bursts with sunbeams. And somehow that perfectly represents these last three months: An unforgettable time in Germany and yet as much euphoria when I’m looking out of my window in London now – expectant of all the things that this year will bring…

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