Compared to London, there’s a ridiculous amount of bikes (sometimes there’s even people on them, take that! Berlin is crazy!) cycling through the city. Sometimes they look very artistic – while smoothly driving through the setting sun for example – but then, during rush hour for instance, you’d find them mostly annoying because they seem to be everywhere and make it hard to move.

I chuckled a little when I had a look at the different places or street events I photographed and there were at least two or three photos with cyclists every time. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of space for happy bikers in my heart and I think it’s very thoughtful to save on bus and transport costs and even do something environmentally friendly by not using the polished Jaguar that everyone of us has hidden in the backyard, but do they some really have to use pedestrians’ paths?

2 responses to THIS IS BLN – BIKES

    • Caroline – Author

      Thank you! That’s one of my favourites too, although a sunset on Berlin is always a sure guarantee for great shots… : )

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