Rooftop Read

Rachel is one of my oldest friends – we met a few years ago in the middle of England and spent pretty much every summer together on various locations. When I last shot with her on a rooftop, it was on Tour Montparnasse in Paris. Her hair has changed a little since then but she still got that irresistible face (and smile!)

One of the key roles in this rather spontaneous matter was taken the legendary book The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I’m sure most of you have either read it or ignored the hype as the film will soon hit the cinemas. My feelings on that are quite mixed because it’s such a precious piece of art for the youth. Its imaginary plot relies on different interpretations which might be difficult to convey. Charlie is not just a troubled teenager which one sufficient diagnosis, his character is much more complex while words can probably be the only medium that don’t harm it. Then again, it’s the old book-turns-into-film-issue which we’re all aware of. (But this book is special…)

Back to the shoot – this gorgeous view over Berlin is all free and easy! You can get there easily by taking the U-Bahn to Rathaus Neukölln, climb on top of the Neukölln Arcaden shopping centre, and there you go. Stunned by the lack of tourists and the raw charm of this city and particularly, this district.

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