Rainy Brussels

Brussels didn’t seem to like me very much. I’ve never been there before this year, however during summer I paid the European capital two visits and… it rained on both.

That doesn’t change the fact though that Brussels is a much underestimated place. People always connect it with bureaucracy, boring, overpaid people in suits and… waffles. Apart from the usual issues that come with being a centre of the Euro crisis, it has an absolutely stunning old town. Hidden behind the Grôte Markt, you’ll quickly find yourself being surprised by all the old buildings, the charming musicians and the subtle street art.

Speaking of culture, I got the impression that Brussels’ youth hasn’t quite found itself yet. They are figuring out who and what they want to be and what they want their city to be. There are a few fancy bars with that certain Amsterdam flair and these little places are crowded – there is such a need for a different sector within that somewhat official city. What I can say for sure however is that they know how to socialize. I had an absolutely great time in Brussels and will never forget the warm rainy nights we were wandering around the places that are usually so crowded with tourists and noise.

Have a look at a rather dark photo series of black and white shots and see whether you like the different faces of Brussels. What I know for sure is that there is a huge potential and that the young folks will surely create something extraordinary. It’s their city, after all.

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