Berlin: Reichstagskuppel

Last week I finally got the chance to pay one of the most remarkable architectural highlights in Berlin a visit: The Reichstagskuppel. It’s conveniently located between Brandenburg Gate, Bundeskanzleramt and Berlin central station, so technically it’s a must see even for a short day trip and my snapping was long overdue.

I knew what this building looks like, I’ve seen many photos (which naturally comes with being a news junkie) – some from political journalists who portray influential or wanna-be-influential people inside – and yet I particularly enjoyed this for a very lucky coincidence:

The visit was booked for 5pm, so we could head there straight after work. I didn’t realize that it would be around that time when the sun is starting to lower and amaze all visitors with some more sparkling impressions.

It’s brilliant how Berlin (and possibly Europe) is finally experiencing a proper summer in late September… that’s when the city gets turned into orange and fully green shades. What a photography paradise!

4 responses to Berlin: Reichstagskuppel

  1. I love those, I was just there and didn’t get a chance to do that. Now when I go back I know to try later in the day! Fantastic! Thank you.

    • Caroline – Author

      Thank you, I’m glad you’ve liked these! Exactly – even 3 or 4pm would be fine during autumn or winter. This little sunset is so worth it : )

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