Lakes in Berlin: Schlachtensee

When I heard about Teufelsberg, a hill a bit outside of Berlin‘s centre with a breath-taking panorama view on the city, I couldn’t wait to get there. My friend and I got off at Grunewald station and wandered through the woods when discovering a sandy hill where we were rolling up and down like children, ouch! It’s important to sometimes be allowed to be a child again, don’t you think?! So far, this trip was much fun! When we were walking on and on, it suddenly occured to us that it would take a few hours to climb up the hill and as we were on a tight schedule we decided to turn back and pay Lake Schlachtensee a visit instead, which was on my I-can’t-wait-list too!

Judging by the amount of people sun-bathing, eating Currywurst and playing drinking games (Oh Berlin…), the lake is probably most Berliner’s favourite aqua playground. And I must admit, it is lovely indeed. There are little hideaways all over the place. Although the lake is too big to see it as a whole, you can still catch a private spot and feel like on a cute little beach holiday. Except … that there’s no beach. However, the trees are just perfect for climbing adventures and finishing off the faboulous sightseeing weekend with some good old chips, beer and a warm sunset by the lake was beautiful.

As there have been many rural escapes shown on this blog lately, I will use my last week in Berlin to collect all the buzzing urban shots and show you what the sprit’s like in the different Kieze.

4 responses to Lakes in Berlin: Schlachtensee

    • Caroline – Author

      Wow thank you. Yeah, the first couple of photos and some of the later ones have actually been taken with an analog camera… Not with a Kodak though! ; )

    • Caroline – Author

      Thank you, that’s very kind! I adore all watery things so I guess that’s good news then. : )

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