Hamburg: Schanzenviertel by night

This is part two of my little series on Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel. The shots have obviously been taken on a night, a Saturday night, from around 11pm to midnight. People were starting to get ready for their well-deserved nights out, hanging in front of bars or already queuing in front of clubs.

Admittedly, I wasn’t prepared to take any serious photos apart from the usual girly party kind of thing, but when we came there I soon realized how perfect the setting was for some vivid street life snaps. Hamburg seems to be a great place for these anyway. Can you see the people sitting on the streets on the second photo? There were piled up mattresses and a bunch of lost souls just in the middle of Hamburg’s top bar scene.

A bit later at night, we paid the legendary Reeperbahn a visit. As my friends have already been there a couple of times, they didn’t get overly shocked by women begging passing men to join them for whatever they were willing to pay for. I’ve never seen that many sex shops in one street, I’ve never seen that degree of psychological poverty at one place and yet the contrast might well have been the most shocking: That posh and snobby city showcases its deprived side that obvious? How can this be legal? I’ve neither seen such scenes in Montmartre, Paris, nor in particular streets in and around Soho, London. But to be quite honest, maybe I just didn’t want to see smaller versions of Reeperbahn, in other cities they are just carefully hidden away.

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