Hamburg: Schanzenviertel by day

When I visited Hamburg in Hamburg, the place that has just been given the title of Germany‘s happiest city, it has also been my very first time. A friend of mine just moved there, so we both explored the area around Eppendorf as well as the inner city. The borough where we spent most time in was the Schanzenviertel. It struck me because that part of town is still mostly untouched by consumerism and that much discussed Hamburg snobbyness.

We enjoyed a flea market on Saturday, strolled around numerous stands with old vinyls, photo frames, beautiful old cameras (which I couldn’t afford, the seller almost pitied me …) and came across a public viewing of a football match with the Hamburg-based club St. Pauli. That place is where my favourite two photos were shot – the guys were so very passionate and once “they” made a goal, everyone just screamed and was so happy. I was also astonished by how many different stories that little square produced: There wasn’t only vintage shopping or football watching, there were also large stairs for people to hang out (or sleep!) and cheap furniture that you can try out.

That part of Hamburg both surprised and captivated me, although it might have just been its similarity to Friedrichshain or Shoreditch. There is a series of Schanzenviertel by night just waiting to see the daylight among more elements and snaps from that beautiful city near the harbour.

3 responses to Hamburg: Schanzenviertel by day

  1. haha, i like the 6th picture – where these two men are screaming whithout any other expression and remaining still seated.

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