We were the young / Radiolarians / Come what may / Come

I only really started to appreciate quiet spaces, parks and solitude when I moved to the big city. Now it seems as if I can’t get enough from cute little towns and that kind of cosiness that’s only present in rural areas. However, that is no reason to go back to the countryside, I still love cities and the 24/7 buzz far too much!

Here’s the second bit of some photos I took in Bamberg and the fields that surround it. This time it’s analogue and completely untouched. The faded colours don’t need an edit, they are perfect just the way they come out. Except for the last bit… I don’t really know what happened to the film (Well, I do, I let light come in obviously), so now the stunning panorama photos I took from a forlorn tower are all dipped in that ruthless red. Anyway, I’m sure some people would find reasons for why that’s art…

If you happen to visit Bamberg, please have a look at the Cathedral (which has four beautiful towers) and at Altenburg which is on the town’s highest hill. It enables you to a fantastic view on Michaelsberg Abbey and over many beautiful houses and mouth-watering cosiness – there we go again…

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