They made a statue of us / And it put it on a mountain top / Now tourists come and stare at us

Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg, is an approximately one hour U-Bahn ride away from Berlin Mitte, so it couldn’t be more convenient to discover the East of Germany along with its stunning history a little further.

We decided to do a little boats trip on the Havel river where the weather suddenly decided to turn into one grey and rainy mess again but hey, spending time on water is fun no matter what!

My personal highlight though was the afternoon at the Sanssouci PalaceIt was originally built for Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, and is located near the city centre – surrounded by huge gardens, statues and a little river.  Its architectural style is best described as Rococo (My former art teacher would be immensely proud now), although I would just call it “heavenly fancy.” Unfortunately that hasn’t been a particular era in art yet. There were two weddings going on and even the sun decided to show off… So please, whenever you happen to be in Berlin, make sure you’re heading down to Potsdam, it’s well worth a visit.

2 responses to They made a statue of us / And it put it on a mountain top / Now tourists come and stare at us

  1. Potsdam has been on my to-do list for ages, but somehow I’ve always prioritized other stuff. It looks very promising from your pics though, I should really make a commitment to this and go there before the winter comes

    • Caroline – Author

      Yes it is pretty cool and definitely worth a visit – check it out while the sun is still having a couple of rendez-vous with Germany. However, it still can’t compete with Berlin’s diversity and energy in ANY way! : )

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