Campus Party Europe in Berlin: Think Big with Paulo Coehlo

There’s a huge party going on in Berlin at the moment. It’s not the usual kind though, it doesn’t contain alcohol, drugs or dubstep, it’s all about technology: Campus Party Europe at former Tempelhof Airport.

It’s not everyday that you get to hear Paulo Coehlo give a speech on the changing landscape of publishing and media in your lunch break, so I was extremely excited to “meet” one of the world’s most celebrated authors. Coehlo knows what he’s talking about as he is both very influential on social media platforms and has had a long past of the weirdest, most dramatic and complicated experiences. Read more about that in his biography if you like.

One of the most relevant issues he addressed to was sharing content: “By sharing content, we can change the world. Sharing is an instinct, our generation has a need to support and establish an idea through technology. Well, we don’t need to share girlfriends though.” Ha! To be honest, I found most of his concerns very general and he didn’t tell me anything I haven’t known before, although that might come because I’ve been studying this issue at university and attended numerous talks with people who come directly from the industry. However, it was inspiring to see Mr. Coehlo himself and I’m looking forward to other events at Campus Party!

It’s also been my first time at Tempelhof airport – which is now used for festivals and leisure activities – so it was all the most worthwile to have a look at the site. (I got the impression that there are about twice as many laptops, cameras, smartphones and netbooks than people… But take a look around yourself!)

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