Drowning in Daylight’s kick-off

Last Wednesday was a night that I surely won’t forget in the near future: The opening of my first exhibtion in Berlin. Yes, I was pretty nervous. Cracking a frame literally one (!) minute before 8pm only added to this feeling. (Don’t ask…) Anyway, let’s talk about the stuff that went well … which was pretty much everything. I had a faboulous night with a whole lot of interesting and inspiring people who I would like to thank for showing up and making this such a unique event!

So, now let the faces speak for themselves… It’s quite a limited impression from the evening but for once, I mostly left the camera stuffed in the bag (Yes, it did hurt a little…) and was busy chatting to people, hanging around in a huge swing in front of the café, taking deep breaths on that smooth summer night, sipping champagne and watching a firework that came just in time…

You can visit the exhibition until September 10 at An einem Sonntag im August, Kastanienallee 103, 10435 Berlin.

Special thanks to the very talented DJ Bogdan Krawalski. x

5 responses to Drowning in Daylight’s kick-off

  1. liz

    these pics are gorgeous. and congrats on your exhibition! that is a dream of mine!

    • Caroline – Author

      Thanks so much for your kind words! : ) Well, it’s actually not as complicated as it may sound to get exhibited. Just go around your local bars or cafés as a start and show them some of your best stuff. They are usually really grateful for an artistic change on their walls. Good luck! x

    • Caroline – Author

      Thank you! : ) Yes, I know – I’ve never seen that concept anywhere else apart from Berlin! x

      • must be some typical berlin-thing, like club mate. i saw those stairs just one time, in berlin too, in a club called “ritter butzke”.

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