“You can get out of this party dress but you can’t get out of this skin” – BOY live in Berlin

A really non-productive issue when you’re trying to shoot some great photos is a dirty lens. That’s kind of obvious, isn’t it? And you’d usually notice that as it is quite essential. However, I didn’t last time because I was concentrating on a very captivating performance of the German indie folk band BOY. (It’s fine, I don’t accept that as an excuse either.)

Located outside central Berlin – although there is no traditional centre but you get me – the Citadel in Spandau is surrounded by a lake and a massive fortress. It is beautiful. Now picture a warm summer night with outstanding music, a really close friend that you finally got to see again and pure happiness.

BOY are two girls (!), Sonja and Valeska whose voices feel like balm. They sing about new beginnings, old loves and spontaneous twists and turns. It’s as if they are inviting you to take part in their journey. Theirs is currently heading straight to the top. In May they played the Great Escape Festival in Brighton. Touring through Europe has left them no time to write new songs at the moment which is fine, considering that it’s impossible to get tired of the ones from their first album “Mutual Friends.”

Another nice surprise were Me and my Drummer. These two pals are another German-based band who are just… different. If you’d compare them to any musician or band, it’d probably be Florence and the Machine. Their songs are full of a strong sense of melancholy that’s underlined by the weirdest and greatest rhythms, it might even be described as vaguely mystical. The charming kind, of course!

So. Back to the photos although I’ve been trying to avoid this topic. (Quite a challenge regarding that this is meant to be a photography blog) I’m very sorry for the bad quality of the photos, they look rubbish indeed but maybe we could just call this vintage…

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