Drowning in Daylight – Vernissage

As mentioned on Facebook a few days ago, I will exhibit a selection (Guess how hard the selection is with 10 GB of photos to chose from…) of my work at the cute bar An einem Sonntag im Augustin Berlin’s most beautiful Kiez, Prenzlauer Berg.

I’d absolutely love to see you around for my first ever vernissage on Wednesday, August 15th. You’re warmly invited and it would be fab to have a drink and chat about photography and Berlin and life!

As part of that, I’d also like to thank my very talented German friend Sabine for immensely helping me with the poster and Greta who did a great job in assisting me with the official press release. You’re awesome and I’m very thankful to be able to call you my friends!

As the place where all this exciting stuff will happen is a very charming and Berlinesque corner, here are some photos. Maybe some of you will get to see it face to face – photography, champagne and music will surely be waiting! Now I should better get back to clicking through that immense digital library of my first selection that still numbers hundreds…

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