Berlin Holi Festival of Colours

It was pouring with rain. It was insanely muddy. It was massively crowded with the weirdest people I’ve seen since walking along Camden market. It was the most colourful and passionate open air I’ve ever been to.

I’m talking about yesterday’s Berlin Holi Festival. Describing it feels a little pointless as it was all about colours, fun, music and dancing – the visual, there wasn’t much talking. Everyone was incredibly euphoric and once a certain everyone-is-equally-dirty level was reached, no one could stop us. Everyone was suddenly part of the crowd that was moving up and down, back and forth in the same rhythm (which a huge smile on its face that no rain could take away).

It took some time to put my cameras, my t-shirt and my shoes in an acceptable mode again and although everything’s still dipped in a slight pink shade, but man, it was so worth it!

Also, please check out my Facebook Page for details of an upcoming vernissage in Berlin! x

64 responses to Berlin Holi Festival of Colours

    • Caroline – Author

      Aww you’re awesome, thank you so much! : ) When are you coming to London? Is it September? x

      • Learner Londoner

        It is indeed! I have so much to do!!!! You’ll have to give me a photography lesson at some point, my poor camera suffers far too much novice abuse. How was the festival? It looked amazing x

      • Caroline – Author

        That sounds fantastic, we’ll do that! Good luck with your preparations, the first weeks are always stressful but as soon as you’ve realized that London is your new home (and that’s this home is absolutely aweseome) everything will fall right into place! : ) x

    • Caroline – Author

      Haha no, fortunately the camera was all fine. It still has a pink glow though but that’s rather glamourous and will remind me of that blast for quite a while! Thank you – I’m glad you liked them : )

  1. I’m from Reno, Nevada — only a few hours from the Black Rock Desert, home of the Burning Man Festival. And this scene looks oddly familiar…


  2. Fantastic shots! This looks like it was such a blast. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed, it’s much deserved!

    (Also, I love the song reference in the name of your blog!)

    • Caroline – Author

      Aw thank you so much! I’m a bit scared that it’s not making sense if people don’t know the actual song, but I love The National too much to change it, haha! ; )

  3. wow it looks so much specially the crowd we celebrate the festival in Nepal too actually there is a mythological story behind it….its a celebration to mark the win of belief faith and good over evil

    • Caroline – Author

      Yes, the story is actually really interesting but the Berlin version focussed on colours and techno music… Not sure if that was the best way to go about it… However, it was great fun!

  4. Roshni

    Beautiful photos. Awesome colours. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  5. Lovely photos! I didn’t know they held Holi celebrations in Berlin! I celebrated Holi properly just once in my life and was too freaked out to celebrate it again – and I’m Hindu! :P. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  6. Congrats on being freshly pressed! If only you could play it in an Indian village at the “proper time” – springtime, that is April/May…and if only the colors were the ones used in traditional India – from vegetables… 😀 but never mind…it’s a good slice of fun anyways!

    • Caroline – Author

      I know, that would have been so cool! But I think the Indian festival would lose its unique character if cities all over the world would create equal copies…
      Thank you : )

    • Caroline – Author

      Indeed! All the washing machines went on strike as well… ; ) Thank you!

  7. Red Toenails

    Oh to be young again….it looks like fun and silliness!! Good for you.

  8. bronyasmolen

    Wow! These are amazing photos I really feel like I’m there! Well done 🙂 Is this event on at the same time every year? I have to go, I read about the indian one but didn’t realise there was a berlin version too. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

    • Caroline – Author

      Thank you! Well – as far as I’m concerned it’s been a one-off for now, but considering the success, they might start doing a regular event… Here’s a list of internationally planned Holi festivals! Hope that helps:

  9. So glad to have randomly checked Freshly Pressed for the first time in ages. This post, these pictures, your blog…delightful.

  10. Wow, Holi in Berlin !! That’s the first time I have heard that. How is it that it is celebrated there ?

  11. Stephanie Jill Rudd

    Reblogged this on InspirationsRus and commented:
    I love this post and its stunning photography. I also love to witness festival, celebration and cultural expression of variety.

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