It’s Frankfurt I’m in love

When you think of Frankfurt you probably think of a massive airport, lots of industrial dust in the city and skyscrapers as for one of Europe’s financial centres. Well, when I think of Frankfurt I think of Alt-Sachsenhausen, the oldest part of town with its many cafes, record shops and tiny streets that burst with life, especially at night.

I would also think about the great birthday weekend I spent there earlier in July. It’s been a surprisingly quiet two days with lots of food, lots of sun, lots of sleep, lots of movies and most importantly, lots of talk and catching up with my oldest friend. I’ve known her since childhood – that’s such a valuable and precious thing in a time where you get to meet new interesting people every day. And sadly they often get out of sight as fast.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been there but somehow Frankfurt never fails to surprise me every single time and I love it. There’s a ship that sells kebab on river Main, a coffee bar that has the most creative interior, a beautiful floral lamp and by far my favourite – a small balcony that was filled with four girls, a bunch of blankets, even more food, laughter, bright stars and the exchange of many remarkable stories…

4 responses to It’s Frankfurt I’m in love

  1. Beautiful photos! I love Europe because it has so many old buildings, narrow streets, and quaint cafes, which you have seemed to capture here. Great job!

  2. Looks beautiful! The color tone and warmth in some of these photos is neat.
    I’ve seen Frankfurt only from the air (during take-offs and landings) but I’ve always wanted to see it since.

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