What Do You Fancy Love (Berlin)

There is one tag that should appear more often on this blog: Food. I dearly love eating despite my cooking skills being… non-existent. So whenever I fancy spaghetti that aren’t overcooked, sushi that’s not falling apart before even eating it or pizza without the oven being close to an explosion (Don’t ask…), I have to come up with other solutions.

One of these was visiting What do you fancy love in Berlin. What do you fancy then? Well, it’s quite a difficult choice. What about some freshly-pressed apple-kiwi-strawberry juice? Would you also be okay with an extremely tempting tomato-pesto creation on freshly baked rye bread? And then, how about the best chocolate cake in town? And beause you’d find it very hard to resist that white chocolate-cherry-cheese cake – why not have another slice of that? It makes me very sad to end that list right there… However, these bites among all other freshly made culinary delights were only part of the reasons why I immediately decided to come back as regularly as possible to that newly opened cafe just off Kurfürstendamm.

Its atmosphere is so English. It didn’t surprise me when one of the owners told me he travelled through London, Paris and New York to gain impressions and influences from other cultures – luckily the English won that race! One wall is completely covered in photos, magazine captions and pure energy. Others have shelves with home made jam or plants with bigger art works. The owners are two brothers and a cousin, whose philosophy is to create something special in the midst of an area that’s filled with chains and stereotype mass processing. The question is now: How long can you resist? Go and visit in case you’re in Berlin, it’s not gonna let you down. But you’re risking to meet me there, having chocolate cake, cherry cheese cake, home made bread and… well, you got it. See you there!

What Do You Fancy Love

Knesebeckstraße 68
10623 Berlin
Mo-Fri: 7.30am – 7pm
Sat-Sun: 9am – 7pm

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