A roadtrip through the North of Belgium

While temperatures are finally rising a little reaching a decent summer level and while I’m struggling hard to concentrate in the office, I can’t help but wish I would be back at that deserted beach somewhere in Belgium. Oostende certainly wasn’t the prettiest of all seaside towns but it had a crucial extra: The infinity of the ocean.

However, that was just the final part of our roadtrip through Belgium. Starting in Antwerp, we headed for the stunning Kaastel van Ooidonk and then went for Gent and Brugge. These two towns are quite alike architecture-wise but Brugge was incredibly filled with tourists, you could barely make a step without risking to get shouted at because you are, oh no!, moving forward. So instead of pushing ourselves through the crowd, we took a quick look around the famous and beautiful market place and then rushed back to the car (not without grabbing another ice cream of course!)

Veurne in the West was a very welcoming and small place that had an abundance of market stalls, fruits, cheese and… Belgian waffles! Is there anything greater on this planet than a warm gaufre with melted white chocolate and strawberries? No? I think so too.

A little further towards the coast we tried hitting the beach in Koksjide and… failed. With my growing impatience – in my opinion the whole point of this trip was seeing the waves – we found a camping ground which we thought would lead to a secret paradise because that’s where people would go camping, right? Well. We kept on walking for at least an hour only to find out that there was nothing  apart from kilometres of sand (it looked pretty though). Apparently the coast was in a different angle to the site. Strike!

My happy ending was still nowhere in sight and it already got colder and darker. The short version is that we ended up in Oostende, enjoying the solitude of a summer’s evening that’s been mostly grey and rainy (but I’m glad the photos aren’t!)

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