This is the Beginning – Berlin in Analog

I took around 2,000 photos in the last few days. Yes, that is a) slightly mental but b) is there also not enough time and space to show them to you. So I’d better hurry up getting the analogue photos from my first weekend in Berlin to you … which admittedly is now about three weeks ago. Do you see what I mean by not enough time?

To get some rough orientation (another excuse to get immensely lost), I had a look at the most popular sights but as a friend of mine recently noted, I’m not really the tourist guide kind of person. So better be prepared for a few next posts on Kreuzberg and especially Prenzlauer Berg, the two areas that hold the most hidden and not-so-hidden treasures!

What struck me the from the first minute was its utter diversity. It’s no rarity to pass an extremely polished (and quite boring looking) street in the area of where government and administration institutions are based. Whereas a few streets away on the other side of the Spree, you could be in the middle of a buzzing young crowd (dominated by hipsters of course) that’s drinking Club Mate on the stairs of a church… It also took some time for me to really feel comfortable as its spirit is so very different from London. However, especially in the last few days Berlin finally got me. Stay tuned! x

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