We tore up the walls / We slept on couches / We lifted this house

Welcome to the last bunch of photos from that not-so-tiny but very awesome place in France. What were my favourite moments? Probably the ones where I got lost and didn’t have any guide, map or phone with me to find my way around. Sounds weird? Well, I discovered the best places and was suddenly able to establish connection between the different arrondissements. Belleville, Malaise (see the photos below!), a little harbour and just many different sides of Montmartre, the area where I had the pleasure to stay. (Well, it wasn’t that much of a pleasure considering the quality of that hostel but hey, it’s all experience. )

I also loved visiting Shakespeare & Company, I loved hanging around that little harbour on the Seine between the Tour Eiffel and Notre-Dame which was surprisingly empty and quiet and I also highly enjoyed catching the city’s spirit (and the lack of stress and exhaustion – compared to London) on the Métro.

There will be a massive Instagram-highlight-update coming very soon and after this, I can finally share the last bits of my Europe travels with you! I never took as many photos as in Paris, so relax, there won’t be the same topic in seven blog posts again…

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