We’ll never leave / Look at us now / So in love with the way we are

I’m a bit annoyed with how fast my life goes and how slow I put the blog posts on this life up there. However, Paris. Judging by the amount of pictures that’s filling my virtual library, I’m tempted to think that I didn’t do much else apart from looking through that camera all day… That might not even be too far from the truth, oops!

I love how the grey that’s probably all over Europe right now is actually doing no harm to Paris. It adds to the artistic something that I’ve mentioned a billion times by now. While these pictures nearly all show pretty clichéd stuff, I enjoyed looking beyond that instead to have a listen to an African band playing in the backyard of Sacre-Coeur, or the business man being on the phone while looking over the Ile-de-France. I particularly loved laying under the Eiffel Tower for what must have been three hours, reading Flights of Love. Okay, so I took photos or read all day, so much for that rock’n’roll lifestyle.

I strongly believe that there are different books for different phases in your life and German author Mr. Bernhard Schlink focusses on national socialism and the reconstruction of the German society and its hearts. You might remember him from The Reader which has been turned into a movie with Kate Winslet. So while preparing to move to Berlin for the summer (my whole preparation at that point was a train ticket), it was awesome to get an insight in a part of history that’s too personal to get down as pure information in documentary books. Have a read if you’re into serious stuff that’s combined with a few dramatic love stories!

Oh and while I miss the London music scene terribly and while I’m still finding my way through Berlin’s underground bands (Any suggestions?), I’ve made a playlist. Enjoy! x

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