And I will try harder to be all that I can be

Yes, there is some more material from (mostly) sunny Paris fast approaching! Accompany me on an imaginary walk. Start in the the fashionable area of Saint-Germain des Près, have a coffee at Café Flore. Right, it’s that place where artists and poets used to brainstorm in the fancy old days. Wait until the streets get a little emptier and the sky a little darker and make your way over a bridge towards the Louvre and take a long walk along the Champs-Elysée.

That may sound like a quick tour but you should calculate at least two hours for it. Have some breaks in between, get a crêpe or some macaroons and chill out in the little park that’s located right next to the Eglise de Saint-Germain and pretend to read a glossy Paris guide in French which you only bought to improve your French because of its beautiful cover. Also, please chat to the students who are having a picnic on the bridge (Pont des Arts preferably!), take photos of all the lovers’ locks spread across all the rail and listen to a violinist who’s playing on the square next to Louvre. At least that’s what I did and once again, the city’s excessive charme didn’t fail me … !

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