With all your lies / You’re still very lovable

Antwerp is a relatively small riverside town near Brussels, it’s a town I got to visit two weeks ago. It was a place I urgently wanted to visit on my first trip to Belgium as I’ve been told that it’s absolutely stunning. Well… So I did have my expectations. It definitely is a beautiful town, but that’s mainly the old city centre. I ended up insisting on finding the beautiful harbour in the rain but there wasn’t one, it was just a very industrial space on a river, haha. Nevertheless I really enjoyed the trip and it’s just interesting to discover all these European cultures that seem so similar but actually people’s mentalities are so different.

The Ruben art museum is brilliant (especially their gardens, photos 11-14) although they were very strict with their NO PHOTOGRAPHY policy. However, I still couldn’t help but try snapping and each time the man got angrier. Alright, lesson learned!

Antwerp’s central station (photo 8) was voted the third prettiest in the world and all the other bits (mainly different kinds of chocolates, waffles and fries!) are coming up on this space in the next couple of days! Tomorrow I will have to catch a train at 6 am to Brussels (many Belgian places lately…) so I’d better go to sleep now. Have a great weekend guys! x

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