Berlin Fashion Week: Girls on Film.

Berlin Fashion Week. An invitation on my kitchen table the morning before the show. Nervous “I need to get a camera that’s amazing than anything I ever got to hold” squeezes. (Yes, I tend to cause a lot of drama.) And, oh, a Canon 7D (No words needed.) The actual show that completely blew me away:

The German label Hunkemöller organized a fabulous swim- and underwear show with Sylvie van der Vaart among many other big names from the country’s fashion scene. Before the event started I ran into one of my favourite fashion bloggers, Jana from bekleidet which was pretty awesome as you can imagine.

So now – let’s have some fashion photos. The outfits brought together such a broad understanding of European cultures, styles and understandings of sexiness. They were full of surprises, well-organized beauty and hectic camera snapping. The Aftershowparty was great as well (mainly thanks to lots of frozen yoghurt and champagne…) – I laughed really hard just now when I spotted at least one other camera on each photo I took of the crowd. It was so much fun, thank you Berlin!

7 responses to Berlin Fashion Week: Girls on Film.

    • Caroline – Author

      Thank you – really glad you like it! Am gonna check out your blog as well x

  1. natürlich erinnere ich mich an dich! Deine Fotos sind der Hammer. Wie perfekt auch einfach diese retromäßige Bearbeitung passt, gute Idee! War echt schön dich getroffen zu haben! 🙂

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