Paris: Everything but black and white.

Before I left London for the summer, one of my photographer friends said “Whatever you’d gonna do in Paris, just don’t photograph in black and white.” I didn’t. But on that day it was grey enough, tempting enough. However, I still resisted and made use of the pulled out my old analogue camera, bought an overpriced film in a little corner shop and started snapping. This is what I got! I’m quite happy with the outcome as it makes the grey look utterly sleepy, cozy and just like the kind of Paris from the 50s.

By the way, I wrote (and snapped) something about the Parisian Belleville – which is very different to the classy central pictures right here – on Finding Berlin a few days ago. Check it out if you wish!
What are you latest analogue experiences? When I see these pictures I don’t understand why anyone would ever switch to the digital alternative to be honest. It makes such an aesthetic difference.
Anyways, stay tuned for a blog post coming up in the next couple of days that covers a topic which I never thought I would actually enjoy so much… x

2 responses to Paris: Everything but black and white.

  1. Really great pictures! even more so for the analogue!! I’m going to post my analogue pics soon, just got to get round to it first…!! what camera did you use?

    • Caroline – Author

      Aw I’ve been meaning to check the exact model for ages now but still haven’t – so yeah, it’s an old Nikon analogue from the 70s. As I said, as soon as I get hold of the camera again I will let you know! : ) I just saw that you’ve posted your analogues by now, gonna check them out just now! Thanks for your comment x

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