Walking down the streets of Soho

Camden and Soho. When I hear these two names, my heart is starting to beat a little faster. The streets of both boroughs are filled to the top with energy, creativity and life. As Camden gets more and more filled with tourists during pretty much any day, I much prefer sitting by the canal in the evenings when you’re just about to get ready for a buzzing night out and the weather’s got the typical summer night’s breeze … Well, to be honest, that summer weather sadly is rather rare.

However, I recently discovered a side to Soho that has nothing to do with dogdy night clubs or dirty bars: Record shops and cozy little cafés are only some of the reasons why I love spending time in one of the oldest areas in London. Also, the community life is amazing and there are loads of workshops and group gatherings… It’s such a small area, even I usually manage not to get lost thanks to the logical arrangement of streets.

One response to Walking down the streets of Soho

  1. […] Soho is not exactly regarded as London‘s most beautiful area, yet it might arguably be among its most vibrant, most fascinating and most eccentric spots. In the past weeks I’ve found myself spend a huge amount of time on these cobbled streets between Marylebone and Mayfair, during both day and night time. […]

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