Belgium: Kasteel van Ooidonk

While being on a faboulous road trip through the North of Belgium, we came across a jaw-dropping place that clearly deserves a post on its own. The Castle of Ooidonk. It’s somewhat close to Gent and not too easy to find without a proper map (which of course we didn’t have!)

The castle was built in 1870 and showcases many exquisite paintings and furniture. However, what stunned me even more than the interior was the garden that surrounds Ooidonk. It just looks like one of those fairytale palaces that you dream of living in as a little girl or as a grown-up with a very vivid imagination. Guess to which category I belong! Plus, it’s the most peaceful and idyllic place I’ve had the pleasure of visiting in a long time.

The blessed successor of the family who built Ooidonk, a Belgium earl with a very complicated name, still lives there with his family. I got to meet him spot him driving away in a very posh black car, lucky me! And his dog, who was so cute, you wouldn’t believe it. I wish I could have taken you all there, it’s such a magical piece of earth… x

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