So read your books / But stay out late

I’m juggling (and probably confusing everyone) with photo series from some of the greatest European cities, I know. This time it’s London again, surprise surprise! It’s still the place that I love most for its authenticity and the life that lies in every corner. But maybe it’s just because it’s home and homes are meant to be the best you could imagine.

So here we go for some snaps from Piccadilly, Chelsea and from Borough Market (a paradise for traditional food porn shots!) Somehow they all go together nicely and if you’d watch these ones only, you’d probably get the impression that London is one posh place with fancy houses and beautifully arranged gardens and markets all over town. Well, that is one part of the story but there are far more interesting aspects to it! Read about these more in my next and last post from London, from then on I will cover the last few days and the months that are now ahead of me in Berlin! It is so hot here by the way, so if you’re lacking sunshine in lovely England, just cross the sea for your summer break… x

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