Paris: Shakespeare & Company

My first and definitely one of the most exciting destinations in Paris has been the English book shop Shakespeare & Company. I’m sure many of you have heard of it already as it’s absolutely magical, legendary and full of hidden inspiration.

Walter Whitman, the son of founder George Whitman, has invited many writers and artists to stay in the bookshop to do some further work on their writings along with falling in love with one of the most beautiful cities on this planet. Walter died last December and now his daughter Sylvia – who I briefly met while she was doing an interview – is the owner of the store that might well be the most frequently photographed book shop in Europe. (It gets to the point when it feels as if you’re standing on the Eiffel Tower with all the tourists just going mad about getting a picture with themselves in front of it…)

I have spent around three hours in there and still didn’t get bored of squeezing through the tiny corridors. Books are everywhere, people are everywhere. Passionate people from all over the world who love to share their stories with you. I’ve met really cool guys from Stockholm, New Zealand and obviously, England and France there and didn’t fail to imagine what it was like to live their 50 years ago. Shakespeare & Company was and still is one of those rare oases that make our world move a little slower while adding meaningfulness, purpose and art. In my mind, the old version of Paris used to be a beautiful black and white movie where everyone was beautiful and full of magic – this place is keeping this ideal alive.

Have you heard of this place and have you been there yet? What were your experiences? Are there any other fancy book shops you love spending time at? x

4 responses to Paris: Shakespeare & Company

    • Caroline – Author

      Yes, I can very much relate to that! I think a mixture of both would be just perfect… x

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