Can you take me back to that place where stars glow?

While I’m still busy curing my sunburn from France and pouring the sand out of my clothes and shoes from Belgium (not that I’m complaining!) – I firstly need to show you some London photos from last week. I’ve noticed that something always drew me back to Hammersmith, it was either a great pub, a walk along the Thames or just meeting up for a few drinks. I find this area so beautiful and relaxing as it has nothing to do with streams of tourists squeezing into every corner. It even gets a little rural and abandoned when you get closer to Fulham and maybe even to The Crabtree, a famous riverside pub.

The two sunsets I lately saw on that part of London was sitting on a beach and watching two bridges get brighter and glossier the darker it got. It was also having a massive burger (my second favourite passion after cake!) while little ducks were swimming on the river… Hanmmersmith definitely needs to be checked out a few more times, I have spotted a really fancy-looking cafĂ© on Lyric Square.

Now that I talk about these places and see the photos again, I – unsurprisingly – start missing London a little and already can’t wait to be back! But first, I’m excited to see a few unknown faces of Europe. Today, the destination will be Brussels. What are your travelling plans for summer? Whatever you do, I wish you loads of blue skies and ice cream! x

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