Not every big love needs a happily ever after

Somehow the casual evening in Notting Hill that started with endless conversations, amazing home-made (not by myself, obviously) Japanese food and some black and white shots got turned into one of those London nights that I won’t forget, never.

It started with a text. Do you wanna come to a party in Aldgate? Of course! What we saw when we arrived wasn’t a party. It was much better than that. It was a film screening on a massive rooftop. Old Italian b/w movies with beautiful people all over the place and a bunch of students, cuddled up on the huge (!) and extremely comfy couch. Personally, I couldn’t make up my mind about whether to stare at the screen or at the a) beautiful sky that was filled with starts or b) the lights coming out of the window’s houses next to ours (No, I’m not a stalker…) or c) the beautiful traffic lights and the buzzing night life that was just happening under us.

Of course, the little detail of us missing the last train was not as glamourous and shall be forgotten very soon. Nevertheless, it enabled us to have a 2am glance at St Paul’s Cathedral and London Bridge without any tourists! Not so sure whether many locals can say that… Have a great weekend guys! x

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