London Festival of Photography

As part of the London Festival of Photography, I’m currently working for the Let This Be A Sign exhibition at Swiss Cottage Gallery. Simon Roberts collected a number of posters and photographs showcasing the anger and frustration people had while dealing with spending cuts and recession issues in general. It’s a very lively and colourful collection that provokes a lot of feedback because for once, it affects absolutely everyone.

The exhibition will run until July 1 and do come along if you’re interested! However, the Festival of Photography has a number of other collections and events that must not be missed either, all of them are spread within walking distance of the Euston/King’s Cross area. Here a my favourites:

Contemporary London Street Photography at King’s Cross Station that establishes a different view on modern London with different insights from various UK artists.

Camera Obscura by Minnie Weisz at her own studio at 123 Pancras Road, showcasing “buildings on the brick of change.”

The Gaddafi Archives – Lybia before the Arab Spring at Woburn Square (21 June – 29 June only).

Have you heard of the festival before and are you planning to go? x

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